Dream village Dream India

Dream village Dream India
My little village is a picture pretty,
It has its own lyric, it has its own ditty.
Brown hills and mounds, and a cool blue lake;
Silver fish in the water quake.
Yellow mud makes up the lanes
A lovely petrichor, when it rains.
The lush greenery all around
Nature’s gifts do always abound.
Begonia, aster, the day's eye Daisy,
Bellflowers, buttercups, marigold, Lily;
Not to speak of Rose and Tuberose
A treat for the eyes, a delight for the nose.
The paddy fields stretch far and wide
Where farmers children seek and hide.
Apricots, bananas, mangoes and apples,
Jackfruits, melons, lychees, sugarapples;
Juicy plums, colourful berries,
We also relish grapefruits and cherries.
Fresh, cool water; fragrant breeze
Health, wealth, happiness, no disease;
Silver white moonshine and dark trees tall
My dream village is a blessing for all.
Seema m